No Limit Warriors Exhibit

No Limit Warriors Exhibit


Triangle Loft will be hosting the “No Limit Warriors” exhibit curated by eKow Baiden and murals by FunQest. Food & beverages will be available. Please see below the curator’s bio along with the artist FunQest’s bio.

Not your average artsy fartsy type and not your everyday curator. eKow is a creative agent who prides himself on helping artists grow. His diversified perspective of contemporary art from doing art tours around the world puts him at an advantage over many. He’s a trendsetter and not a follower who makes sure that the artists he works with also have a similar ethos. Past curated exhibitions in NYC, Bridgehampton, Miami, and Hong Kong have featured the likes of Ivan Alifan, JimTwice, Funqest, Akshita Gandhi, Jugal Patel, Evan Lagache.


Triangle Loft
675 Hudson Street

August 4 th, 2022

6 – 9 PM


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