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Museum of Failure: NYC


The world-renowned Museum of Failure exhibit is set to open Friday, March 17 at Industry City in Brooklyn, N.Y. Presented by SEETM Attractions, JB Contemporary and Global ArtExhibitions NY, the Museum of Failure shines a light on some of history’s epic fails by some of the world’s best-known companies, like Colgate, Pepsi and Google.

“It only seems right to host this exhibition in Industry City – a vibrant and diverse place that embraces
the spirit of innovation,” said Martin Biallas, Founder and CEO of SEETM. First displayed in Sweden, this opening represents the exhibit’s first time back in the United States since 2021. It comprises a collection of more than 130 failures that was originally conceived by psychologist and innovation researcher, Dr. Samuel West. He believes seeing these larger-than-life corporate
imperfections will inspire visitors to innovate and not be afraid to fail.

“I’m excited to bring this spectacular exhibit to Brooklyn,” says West. “We need to be better at learning
from failure. I want visitors to recognize that failure is an essential aspect of progress and innovation.” The experience is geared towards visitors of all ages, making it a great activity for families, professional groups, associations, and university classes. Guests can look forward to classic catastrophes like the marketing disappointment that was New Coke or the over-hyped 1958 Ford Edsel, along with artifacts spanning from the 17th century right up to the present day.

The Museum culminates with a Failure Confessional where visitors can add their own personal stories of failures to the collection.

About :Dr. Samuel West 

Dr. Samuel West is a licensed clinical psychologist and PhD in organizational psychology with a focus on innovation. Along with his research at Lund University, West has worked as a consultant helping organizations improve their climate for innovation, through which he founded the Museum of Failure. These days West is focused on his work with the museum, touring exhibit, and related talks, as well as consulting for companies interested in kick starting their own innovation by learning about failures.
Before getting into innovation, West worked as a clinical psychologist. West lives in Sweden.


Museum of Failure: NYC

Industry City

900 Third Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11232

between 33rd and 34th Street

March 17 – May 14, 2023

Tickets begin at $16.50 here

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