Time Out New York’s Uneatable…Live

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Time Out New York Editor Will Gleason will kick off a panel on dating in New York, including, tips, tricks and encouragement. Undateables will share their dating horror stories. Audience will ask the panel anything.

Following the chat, three-four stations of different TOMNY food will be set up. Single New Yorkers in the audience will be welcomed to pick their ideal cuisine with the possibility of a meet-cute around one of the stations.

Who: Old Undateables & Will Gleason, New York Editor of Time Out

What: Panel on dating and engaging the audience with common food choices from Ivy Stark, David Burke, Pat Lafrieda, and Juliana’s Pizza


Time Out Market New York

55 Water Street – 5th Floor

Brooklyn , NY 11201

Wed, February 5, 2020

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Free with RSVP Here

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