#ClubQuarantine :DNice

If you haven’t heard about #ClubQuarantine with Dnice, then your obviously living under a ROCK! Club Quarantine created by DNice has not only become a Instagram hit, but it’s also a place to hang out with some of your favorite celebrities. This is your opportunity to say you hung out with Diddy, Oprah and Michelle Obama all at the same time. Virtually everyone is talking about happy hour, meeting up on the dance floor and doing the electric slide. This musical congregation gives you a breath of fresh air, takes you away from all the madness of our nation today.  Listen to the sounds of  old school, rock, pop. hip hop and much more. Trust me, you will not sit still! These dance parties pop up on a weekly basis so stay tuned on Instagram #ClubQuarentine. See you on the dance floor.

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