Mix Up What You Got! Virtual Cocktail Party & Mixology 101 w/ Ash McFierce

 Join this virtual party and mixology demo for some at home cocktail fun!

Mixology is the art of a drink. Finding different ways to create well balanced drinks that take you on an experience. Why not learn how to make it the best you can with what you got. You may not have everything you want and need with the lack of resources and supplies during this pandemic, but nothing should stop us from creating a tasty cocktail at home with what we already have lying around. You are more than welcome to go to the store and purchase any items you need to complete at least one of the cocktails out of the 3-4 cocktails that will be demonstrated. However, if you don’t have everything and choose not to go to the store, I will guide you in figuring out how to complete your delicious cocktail with ‘what you got’!!!!!

This is an interactive demonstration and class but also a turnup! So be ready to have fun. ….And say what!? Yes, there will be some prizes raffled off. 😉

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email or text days beforehand with prep instructions so you can prepare for everything you need to mix up some delicious cocktails at home. Be sure to have access to Zoom and we’ll be sending the Meeting ID to your way. We’ll also send over the a link for our featured DJ Soundtrack so you can jam out while you sip pretty on your cocktails in between and after demos are done.

Mix Up What You Got! Virtual Cocktail Party & Mixology 101 w/ Ash McFierce

Sat, May 16, 2020

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Free Virtual Event-RSVP HERE

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