Immersive Public Art Installation @DominoPark

Dominio Park brings some light to Brooklyn! Domino Park is the first exhibition venue that will display Reflect in the United States. Created as a part of the larger 15,000 square foot work Cosmos, Reflect was first featured in Tokyo over the spring and summer of 2020.

Created by American new media artist Jen Lewin, Reflect is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that takes inspiration from the dynamic patterns created by organic systems found in nature. Spanning 2,400 square feet, the sculpture consists of three concentric rings, each made up of interactive platforms that respond to visitors’ steps, triggering splashes of light that create an ever-changing composition . The installation will encourage New Yorkers to pause for a moment of reflection and discovery, and inspire connection as the city enters a new era of hope and revival.

During the day, Reflect’s glossy dichroic surface mirrors the sky and surrounding environment, creating a surreal space and eliciting a profoundly connective experience.. At night, the sculpture animates and glows as viewers move across its ever-changing illuminated panels, powered by complex code and hardware, all custom developed by the artist. Reflect at Domino Park allows for multiple individuals to engage with the work simultaneously, while maintaining six feet of social distance, making it an ideal public artwork for this moment. To ensure all safety measures are followed, Domino Park staff will check on the installation as part of their regular park rounds.



“Reflect” at Domino Park

300 Kent Ave.

S. Second and S. Third Street


Friday, March 5 – Thursday, April 15,2021


8 am-10 pm.


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