Times Square Fashion Week, LIVE Fashion Experience

Times Square Fashion Week™ Launches……I ❤️Love NY Collection SS22 Digital & LIVE Fashion Show.

Times Square Fashion Week™ made history in 2020 by turning the famous Father Duffy Square Red Stairs into a symbol of the changing landscape of New York Fashion Week.

2020 has been a defining year for the fashion industry. Slowly but surely the Big Apple is gaining some normalcy day after day, however, we are not out of the woods yet.

In September 2020, Times Square Fashion Week™ gave a taste of the new normal in the midst of a global pandemic and brought a glimmer of hope to fashion insiders, designers and VIPs who gathered in the heart of New York City’s Times Square, Featuring seven talented designers on deck, as well as key sponsors, key-note speakers, and other creative artists. The event was a slam dunk on how moving fashion forward is done safely.

Times Square Fashion Week™ in its third year is continuing to move fashion forward by spreading the word globally and locally that fashion in New York is not dead.!

During February 2021, Times Square Fashion Week™ took the opportunity to showcase a full frontal fashion digitally throughout Times Square locations by featuring designers and their collection in their FALL IN LOVE COLLECTION in 3 locations on Times Square Billboards.!

The live stream event included press and designers who attended this event on a Double Decker Bus -It was a Fashion Experience!

“We are always trying to think “outside the box” and I am always extremely grateful for all of the talented designers that showcased their work for Times Square Fashion Week as well as our sponsors and teams that make this event happen! says Dee Rivera, of DCG Media Group and Founder of Times Square Fashion Week™.

September 2021 will be a combination of Street Runway, Billboards, Double Decker Bus and a Finale Cocktail Event!

LIVE Entertainment featuring Award-Winning TV Host & Performer, Cindy Ashton


Father Duffy Square

1535 Broadway

7th Ave &, W 47th St

NY, NY 10036

Sun, September 12, 2021

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Tickets $125 here

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