Amazonia: A Climate Crisis Pop-Up Event

Amazonia is a pop-up event mirroring an Amazon Go store, but for a dystopian New York City where climate change has hit its apex.

Welcome to Amazonia: a worst-case scenario store

The exhibit will illustrate our future if we don’t take immediate collective action to limit the 1.5 degree celsius tipping point—the threshold for what scientists call “multiple system collapse.”

By 2050, the Earth’s population is expected to pass 9 billion. By 2100, climate models predict global temperatures will be on average 4°C warmer and sea levels will be 0.7m higher . Limiting global heating to 1.5 C degrees means transforming all of our systems.

The Amazonia experience will help bring home the stark reality that the systems that we created are destroying the systems that created us. Our overall objective is to encourage visitors to move away from individually-focused lifestyle changes, and to move towards fierce climate citizenship.

Our opening night event will be held on October 30, 2021, from 6 pm – 9 pm, at Peninsula Art Space located at 352 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The Amazonia pop-up shop will be open:

October 30: 6pm to 9pm

October 31: 11am to 7pm

**Proof of vaxx and masks required.

Follow Amazonia on Instagram at @shopamazonia.

For more information, contact Nicole Feliz at:

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