Sharks Exhibit @AMNH

Did you hear about the new Shark Exhibit @amnh! The American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibition Sharks opened on December 15, bringing to life the incredible diversity of sharks with dozens of life-sized models, ranging from 33 feet to 5 inches long, and offers visitors a unique look at prehistoric and modern species, their habitats and hunting styles, and the conservation threats these spectacular animals face today.

People have been intrigued by sharks for as long as we have been exploring the oceans. Fixed in the public imagination as toothy, fearsome predators, sharks are far more fascinating, and more complex, than their depiction in popular culture.

Visitors to Sharks will explore the anatomy, diversity, and behavior of sharks and their relatives through encounters with tiger sharks, great whites, and other familiar favorites along with little-known animals such as the torpedo ray, the longnose chimaera, and the tiny dwarf lanternshark, which glows in the dark and is small enough to hold in your hand. Through dozens of life-sized models, fossils, touch-free interactives, and dynamic media presentations, Sharks reveals the many secrets of these top predators and demonstrates that while they pose few threats to people, we represent a serious danger to their future on the planet.

*Covid guidelines are enforced* 

As of August 25, 2021, in accordance with the New York City vaccination requirement, visitors ages 12 and older must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the Museum and show proof of vaccination. Personal identification is required for visitors ages 18 and over

General Admission Plus All includes general admission plus all special exhibitions, giant-screen film, and Space Show

$33 (adults)

$27 (students/seniors)

$20 (children ages 3–12)

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