Brooklyn Night Market

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow New Yorkers, we’re taking the show on the road and across the bridge to Broooooklyyynnnn; Yerrrrrrrrr. Come through on the last Monday of the month starting June and let’s kick it with the best damn food, drinks and vibe this side of town.

Each BKNM event features 40+ local vendors – small business owners – passionately sharing delicious food, tasty treats, eclectic handmade items and arts & culture artifacts.

The event is produced by MHG (MASC Hospitality Group), Uptown Night Market and Bronx Night Market producers, focused on the love-to-eat community and partnering up with Industry City.

The event takes place in the Industry City compound on 36th St, between 2nd and 3rd ave, on the last Monday of the month, starting 4 pm.



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