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This week in the Campari Community, we have science experts talking about flavor, social media savvy bartenders giving their tips and tricks for great content, a Denver-themed happy hour, a whisk(e)y debate, and so much more. Wherever you are quarantining, come have a quarantini with us!

Monday, May 4th

1-1:30 pm ET – Campari Conversations

“Whisky Chats with Whisky People” with Robin Coupar and special guest Camper English.

Watch live @robincoupar

5-5:30 pm ET – Campari Academy Lab with Xavier Herit

Do you have a bottle of Grand Marnier at home and don’t know what to do with it? Learn Xavier’s cocktail recommendations for how to take your cocktail game from good to Grand.

Watch live @djcordonrouge 

7-8pm ET – Happy Hour with Daniel Warrilow

The third installment of “Negronis at Home” with Brit McMahan of Boston.

Zoom meeting: 966-076-148

Password: 340594

Tuesday, May 5th

1-1:30pm ET – Campari Conversations

Anne Louise Marquis interviews Don Lee of New York, NY about his Joy Spence inspired cocktail, how to make whiskey taste like waffles, and how basic science can help us make a better tasting drink – even at home. Learn about trends in fine dining and what the future of high-end service might look like.

Watch live @annelouisemarquis

2-3pm ET – Sponsored by Campari Academy & Grand Marnier

Portland Cocktail Week presents: Cleanliness and Polish in Drink Making

Want to have an award winning level polish on your life? Jared Sadoian is here to show you how he keeps everything so perfectly polished at home and at the bar.

7-8pm ET – Happy Hour with Cory James

Cory and special guest Pam Wiznitzer of New York, NY invite you for a Cinco de Mayo inspired Montelobos margarita and a discussion about creative cocktail videos, consumer education and making mixed drinks approachable.

Zoom meeting: 966-076-148

Password: 340594

Wednesday, May 6th

1-1:30pm ET – Campari Conversations

JoAnn Street interviews Shaylyn Gammon – R&D Scientist of Campari talks about her job, her career path, and what a sensory scientist does.

Watch live @joannstreet

5-5:30pm ET – Campari Academy Lab with Cory James

Cory James talks with Ria Soler about making Ancho Reyes cocktails with ingredients from your garden.

Watch live @anchohoncho

7-8pm ET – Happy Hour

The Whisk(e)y Wednesday Debate: Part I

Getting nerdy about Bourbon and Scotch, moderated by Chris Leung of Washington, DC with debaters Benny Hurwitz, JoAnn Street, Jessamine McLellan & Robin Coupar.

Zoom meeting: 966-076-148

Password: 340594

Thursday, May 7th

1-1:30pm ET – Campari Conversations

Xavier Herit meets up with chef David Malbequi to make a Grand Marnier cocktail and demonstrate how to make a great simple dish to pair perfectly.

Watch live @djcordonrouge

2-3pm ET – Sponsored by Campari Academy & Appleton Estate

Portland Cocktail Week presents: Preservation Techniques for the Home and Bar

Spring is here and that means we have easy access to amazing fruits and vegetables. To make sure we have plenty of those amazing flavors throughout the year, Phoebe Esmon will walk you through her favorite preservation techniques that she uses at home and at the bar.

6-7pm ET – Wild Turkey “Bold Nights In” Happy Hour with JoAnn Street

Watch live @wildturkey

Friday, May 8th

1-1:30pm ET – Campari Conversations

Daniel Warrilow interviews bartender Kevin Diedrich of San Francisco about putting a personal stamp on classic cocktails.

Watch live @thewarrilow

5-5:30pm ET – Campari Academy Lab with Benny Hurwitz

Bourbon with Brunch: Learn how to use Wild Turkey bourbon in classic brunch cocktails.

Watch live @bennybourbon101

7-8pm ET – Happy Hour with Anne Louise Marquis

It’s a Denver themed Happy Hour with special guest hosts Mary Allison Wright and McLain Hedges! Come join us for an Espolon cocktail and a conversation in celebration of the Mile High City.

Zoom meeting: 966-076-148

Password: 340594

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Anne Louise Marquis, Portfolio Brand Ambassador, Campari America
Jessamine McLellan, Campari Academy Lead
Daniel Warrilow, Brand Ambassador, Italian Spirits Portfolio
JoAnn Street, Brand Ambassador, Wild Turkey Distilling Co.
Benny Hurwitz, Brand Ambassador, Wild Turkey Distilling Co.
Xavier Herit, Brand Ambassador, Grand Marnier
Cory James, Brand Ambassador, Montelobos & Ancho Reyes
Robin Coupar, Global Whisk(E)y Advocate, Campari America

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