CLUBFEAST- A New Meal Service in NYC

Club Feast, an awesome new affordable approach to receiving meals delivered straight to your front door is now in New York City. Club Feast is a new restaurant meal service offering flexible lunch and dinner meal credits that allow you to pre-order meals and pre-plan deliveries for 50% less than competition. Enjoy $20 worth of free food on us through their service with our exclusive discount code.

At Club Feast, they strive to increase efficiency in restaurant kitchens to ultimately provide people with delicious meals at an undeniably low price of $5.99 with sustainable food delivery option. Actually, cheaper than almost anything you’d find on other delivery services. They strive on getting customers affordable meals, while supporting local eateries through expanding their customer base and bringing in higher profit margins compared to other food delivery services. Their mission is to make restaurant delivery accessible for all.

Follow these simple steps to begin:

1.Browse Local Restaurants:

Open the Feast web app (link below) to find your favorite dishes, filter by cuisine, or browse through our specially curated meal selection. With a wide variety of restaurants at your fingertips, you are sure to find something you crave

2. Order in Advance:

With Feast, you can select your meals and delivery windows day-by-day or pre-order all of your meals for the week at once. You can always cancel or edit your orders as many times as you’d like up until 6PM the day before delivery.

3. Feast:

Once you receive your order, all you have to do is Feast!

Create an account here to get started. Use code GETIT4LESS  and receive your $20 discount. Save Money, Save Time, Eat Local. Bon Appetit!!!

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