Treehouse Brewing Company, a Craft Beer Cult

Celebrate Beer Month with Tree House Brewing Company with a dream of making the best beer they possibly could, in the past 11 years Tree House Brewing Company has gone from brewing in a founder’s kitchen, moving to a small antique barn in Brimfield, MA, and eventually to a 70-acre facility in Charlton, MA, with more locations on the way.

Tree House Brewing has maintained a cult following with scant promotion or advertising. Initially attracting 25 customers a day, the company now draws 14,000 a week. Tree House has morphed into one of the most sought after craft beers in the United States.

Join Dean Rohan, co-founder and co-owner of Tree House and sample some of his craft beers.

The National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park South

New York, NY 10003

Wed, Oct 27, 2021, 6:00 PM


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